Alexandra Brand, Syngenta

At the 2019 Sustainable Business Summit in New York, we sat down with Alexandra Brand to hear about Syngenta’s $2B investment in technology to make agriculture more sustainable. Watch the interview.

special report

Sustainable Business Summit Special Report: The Financial Case for Sustainability

We are pleased to publish the first Bloomberg Sustainable Business Special Report. In this collection, we bring together interviews with sustainability leaders and highlights from our worldwide summits.

As with our events in this series, the report focuses on the data available in the sustainability space and how companies and investors are leveraging it to drive results.

Among the interviews featured in this report are:

  • Kiersten Barnet, Global Head, Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
  • Faisal Kazi, President and CEO, Siemens Canada
  • Tiff Macklem, Chair, Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance

Sarah Pool, Co-Founder & CEO, Canvas

An entrepreneur with a background in finance, Sarah Pool has launched two sustainability-minded startups: Pacific Superfood Snacks and Canvas, which delivers needed fiber in a beverage. She discusses the different set of challenges in launching a startup built on sustainability and the opportunity presented by billions of pounds of spent grain.


TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – Building a Gender-Inclusive Workplace: Spotlight on Canada

On June 5, 2019, TD Bank Group and Bloomberg brought together 25 leaders for a 90-minute discussion about the crucial role women play in creating and maintaining resilient companies and local economies. This discussion was the fourth in a series of four TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues that took place across Canada to foster dialogue and conversation around how to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – Building Sustainable Cities: Spotlight on Canada

On February 27, 2019, Bloomberg and TD Bank Group assembled a group of leaders from Canada’s cleantech, finance, government, real estate, and nonprofit sectors for a conversation about supporting sustainable urban centers in Canada. It was part of the TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues taking place across Canada to foster dialogue and conversation around the country’s transition to a low-carbon economy. TD supports such efforts through its corporate citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment.


TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – The Path to a Low-Carbon Economy: Spotlight on Canada 2018

More than two years after signing on to the landmark Paris climate accord, Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing climate change. This white paper provides highlights from the 2018 Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit: Toronto and covers some of the latest developments in business strategy and sustainable investing.

The Sustainability Imperative: Business and Investor Outlook

Do investors have the information they need to adequately manage risk and identify sustainable investment opportunities? Are companies prioritizing sustainable strategies throughout their organizations? A new Bloomberg survey of U.S. and European investors and corporations, explored in this paper, seeks to uncover how these groups believe they are faring on their path towards a sustainable future.


TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – Clean Tech Thrives in British Columbia: Spotlight on Vancouver

In March 2018, Bloomberg and TD Bank Group convened a group of leaders from British Columbia’s business, education, and not-for-profit communities to discuss the state of the province’s clean-tech industry and role in driving clean economic growth for Canada. The meeting took place in Vancouver and coincided with the GLOBE Forum, a major sustainable business conference held in the city that week.

The discussion, summarized here, is part of the TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues taking place across Canada. The Dialogues focus on the country’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – Alberta Shapes a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Edmonton

In March 2018, Bloomberg and TD Bank Group, working with the Energy Futures Lab, an initiative for transforming Alberta’s energy system, convened a group of leaders in energy, government, finance, and education to discuss the role of Alberta in Canada’s energy transition. The meeting was held in Edmonton to coincide with an international climate change conference being held there that week—the Cities and Climate Change Sciences Conference—hosted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The discussion, summarized here, is part of the TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues taking place across Canada. The Dialogues focus on the country’s transition to a low-carbon economy.


Infographic: Sustainability Is Good For Business And Investing

In 2017, Bloomberg surveyed corporate executives and investors to explore the future of sustainability initiatives and the effect on their behaviors.

The survey examined the importance of companies’ sustainability strategies now and in the future and how well corporate leaders communicate these initiatives to stakeholders. It also assessed the impact of these strategies on corporate performance and financial returns for investors and whether the financial community will place more weight on sustainability factors in future investment decisions.

The survey concluded:

  • Educated and informed corporate executives and investors
    see sustainability issues similarly.
  • Sustainability strategies have a positive, not negative,
    impact on a company’s bottom line.
  • Fortune 1000 companies are perceived to be doing a
    better job in communicating their sustainability initiatives
    and environmental performance than smaller companies
  • It’s important to note that changes in consumer behavior
    and choice, empowered by new technologies, are key.
  • Politics are the primary obstacle to the Paris Accords,
    though many respondents question if the SDG goals
    are realistic.

TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogue – The Business of a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Canada

As governments develop and enact wide-ranging policies and regulations to meet key emissions and finance goals by 2030, businesses across the globe are stepping up to the challenge and taking a leadership role in reducing GHG emissions.

Topics covered include:

  • The Drive to Zero Emissions
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Green Transportation
  • Changing Consumer Behaviour

Content in this white paper was informed by expert discussions at the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit: Toronto. The summit marks the start of a two-year series of TD-Bloomberg Sustainability Dialogues, which will convene leaders across Canada for a series of conversations on major issues impacting sustainability in business.


White Paper: Seizing the Opportunity – How Industry Can Lead a New Era of Sustainable Development

Just a few years ago, if an investor had asked most if sustainable investments were a good idea, the answer would likely have been: They’re nice in theory but typically generate a lower return on investment.

Those old assumptions are gradually changing. From mainstream industries like oil and gas to car manufacturers and multinational retail chain superstores, sustainability is steadily becoming good for business.

Download Bloomberg’s sustainable business white paper to learn about topics such as:

  • A Surprising New Outlook on Sustainable Business
  • The Opportunity to Lead Is Now
  • Corporate Standouts in a Lagging Field
  • Starting the Conversation