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Faisal Kazi Sustainable Business Summit Q&A

A Conversation with Faisal Kazi, Siemens Canada

Faisal Kazi is the President and CEO of Siemens Canada, where he is responsible for leading the company’s strategic management, direction, and leadership team. Kazi is also responsible for the leadership of the Smart Infrastructure and Gas and Power Businesses in Canada. Here, he tells us more about his company’s sustainability strategy and explains what “Ownership Culture” is and how it can help other companies achieve success.

What type of technology shows the most promise in helping industries dramatically reduce their carbon footprint?

The advancement of low-carbon, resource-saving technologies is a focus of Siemens. There are many technologies that show promise—examples include heating, lighting, and cooling energy efficiency technologies for buildings, smart grids, and renewable resources for energy and emobility in transportation. To provide perspective, buildings alone count for 40 percent of the world’s primary energy use, so sustainable building technologies can make a huge impact.

How does being part of a global company shape Siemens Canada’s sustainability strategy? 

At Siemens we have a clear commitment to think and act in the interest of future generations, balancing people, planet and profit. For example, Siemens aims to become carbon neutral by 2030 and halve its CO2-footprint by 2020. Globally, Siemens sustainability strategy is called “Business to Society”—it’s a quantifiable measurement on how we make an impact on the communities we live in. Siemens uses the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline. In Canada, we take the global Business to Society framework and then quantify and focus on the pillars where we can benefit Canadians. Some countries are more advanced in some pillars than others, so we are able to learn and implement best practices from across the world, as well as work on a number together.

What advice would you give to executives looking to more effectively communicate the value of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles to their shareholders?

ESG should be communicated at every level and by every employee. The leaders of the company cannot do this only from the top down. We aspire to motivate and empower all employees as leaders and to take responsibility of ESG in his or her role. At Siemens, we call this “Ownership Culture.” Achieving sustainable success is only possible if it is inherent in our culture, our values, and what we stand for. Our guiding principle is: Always act as if it were your own company. This is how we intend to pass on a better Siemens to future generations.