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Sustainable Business Summit Frances Edmonds

A Conversation with Frances Edmonds, HP Canada

Frances Edmonds is the head of sustainable impact at HP Canada. In her role she oversees all of HP’s corporate responsibility programs, partnerships with nonprofits, and HP’s volunteer program. In her free time, Edmonds runs a monthly networking group for sustainability-minded women called Eco Babes. Here, she tells us more about her current work and how her educational background helps her in her current role.

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How has your background in environmental science shaped the way you tackle corporate sustainability? 

HP is, at its core, a science & engineering company. The issue of climate catastrophe is a lived experience, but we rely on science to tell us what to do to tackle the many wicked problems we face today. For instance, knowing where our full corporate carbon footprint is directs my actions to work with customers to reduce their footprint, rather than just focusing on our own footprint reduction actions.

Why is it so important for young women, especially in the tech sector, to network with each other and seek mentorship? 

The life of a sustainability professional, in any organization, can be a lonely one. Often there is no roadmap on how to achieve sustainability gains, or you are the only person at the organization working in sustainability, and you are always trying to get everyone to do things differently. Fortunately for me, I have a great network of HP sustainability people in Canada and worldwide. Networking helps to tackle both of these issues, which is why I continue to run Eco Babes.

What is your proudest achievement during your tenure at HP Canada? 

The ability to state that we are Canada’s most sustainable technology company, and reflecting on all the work that our great employees and partners do worldwide. It’s truly an honor to work with such a great team of dedicated people who are making a difference. But our pressing need is to do more, and soon!