Speaker Insights

Kiersten Barnet

Kiersten Barnet is the Head of Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index, a first-of-its-kind performance barometer for gender equality at publicly-held organizations and Bloomberg’s standardized gender-reporting framework.


Alexandra Brand

Bringing a background in international business and a doctorate in chemistry, Alexandra Brand became Syngenta’s chief sustainability officer in January. She discusses integrating sustainability and aligning it with other company goals.

José Filippo

José Filippo has been on the leading edge in developing sustainable sourcing initiatives that positively impact the bottom line. He shares thoughts on how other companies might do the same thing.


Sarah Pool

An entrepreneur with a background in finance, Sarah Pool has launched two sustainability-minded startups: Pacific Superfood Snacks and Canvas, which delivers needed fiber in a beverage. She discusses the different set of challenges in launching a startup built on sustainability and the opportunity presented by billions of pounds of spent grain.

Luisa Santiago

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a leading advocate for the circular economy, which uses a regenerative approach to minimize waste and make the most of scarce resources. As Brazil Lead for the Foundation, Luisa Santiago has led sustainability projects around the world. She offers her thoughts on how the right policies can improve people’s lives.